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Dear Cafe Xinca Customer,
The 2013 coffee crop was lost due to a fungal outbreak on coffee farms in Guatemala and throughout Central America. Therefore we are not able at this time to continue to provide for sale our high-quality, shade grown, Arabica coffee. We hope that next year we will once again be open for business. Thank you for understanding.
Anavela Mijangos, President, Cafe Xinca

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Cup of Coffee"I grew up working side-by-side with my father on the coffee farm, learning to love and respect the land. Every morning at dawn, he and I would travel an hour by mule to our coffee farm. Whether planting shade trees, applying organic fertilizers, or weeding or harvesting, the two of us always felt a deep connection to the land and our coffee. Today, even though I live away from the coffee farm, I feel great joy that I am able to help my father sell his coffee here in the United States, finally fulfilling his life-long dream of bringing to the world the best gourmet Guatemalan coffee."

Anavela Mijangos






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