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Dear Cafe Xinca Customer,
The 2013 coffee crop was lost due to a fungal outbreak on coffee farms in Guatemala and throughout Central America. Therefore we are not able at this time to continue to provide for sale our high-quality, shade grown, Arabica coffee. We hope that next year we will once again be open for business. Thank you for understanding.
Anavela Mijangos, President, Cafe Xinca

Meet a Xinca Academy Student

Claudia Monterroso

Claudia Monterroso, supported by the Xinca Academy since 2006, is completing 6th grade! Next year, she will begin 7th grade at Estanzuelas Middle School. Claudia lost her father and 5 brothers in a tragic car accident in 2004, leaving her mother a widow with 7 children to care for and raise and no money for school.

My Father's Coffee...The Humanitarian Bean

Why do we call Café Xinca (pronounced "Sheenka") the "Humanitarian Bean"?

First, let me tell you our story. Café Xinca is produced on my family's coffee farm in the hamlet of Estanzuelas located in a high-altitude region of rich, volcanic soils in southeastern Guatemala where coffee is the principal source of income. My father follows traditional sustainable coffee production practices that conserve the soil, incorporate bird friendly shade trees, protect water quality (no pesticides are applied) and ultimately lead to economic sustainability. Workers are provided fair wages, decent housing, quality food and drink, and sanitary facilities.

When you purchase Café Xinca, my father's coffee, not only do you get a high-quality, flavorful, smooth coffee which has been roasted in small batches, but you are supporting the Humanitarian Bean. Enjoy!


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About Our Coffee

BEANSMy father's coffee farm is located in southeastern Guatemala, where the growing conditions are ideal for the production of top-quality coffee. The temperate climate, with sunny days and cool nights, allows the coffee to mature slowly, which concentrates the flavors. My father grows his coffee following traditional production practices: Arabica coffee trees are interspaced with banana, plantain, avocado and Inga species - nitrogen-fixing trees that improve the soil while providing the perfect shade conditions needed to grow high-quality coffee. Throughout the year, my father and his workers weed, prune, and fertilize the coffee and prune and care for the shade trees.

December is a festive time for our family, because that's when the coffee is harvested. The coffee is picked by my father, his workers and my family from dawn to dusk, 6 days a week, until the harvest is completed. The coffee is then processed (click here to learn how we process our coffee) and eventually roasted, producing the very high-quality, smooth-flavored Café Xinca that our customers have come to expect and enjoy.

The Process
The Process
My Father
My Father
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